We all are champions and heroes

Each passing moment gives us lessons, some of these we only realize long after. The Omicron variant is perhaps the natures way of showing us the beginning of the end of COVID19. One last final glow before it slowly burns its fuel into oblivion.

We need to pick ourselves up from this mess and move on. Getting up and moving on after two years of downtime is not going to be easy. If we look at any growth curve, we see that the exponential growth lies after a bit of downtime. Most entrepreneurs and innovators know the pain of the start-ups and how they barely survive during the initial phase.

As reported by Forbes, British innovator and entrepreneur Sir James Dyson has a net worth of 9.7 billion USD (2021). On his way to become a successful entrepreneur, he spent over 5 years, creating over 5,127 modifications to the bag-less vacuum cleaner that he designed. During this period, they struggled financially, but somehow survived with the support from the family. Dyson believed in his instinct and his invention, and proved himself with the exponential growth that came following the hardship and struggles of 5 years.

It always helps when we can create marks on our path, so that we can see how far we have come. To make it more wholesome, add a sense of direction into the equation. No matter how hard your struggles are, you will be surprised at knowing how far you have become.

I met a businessman of about 50 years who was building a small guest house on a local island. He was struggling financially, he had debts to pay and without much assets on his name. His relatives and friends were already questioning him on his ventures and asking him why he didn't have money in his pocket. We spent an evening understanding his struggles and concluded that he is already a champion and a hero for the following reasons.

He migrated to Male’ city when he was in his teens and spent his teenage years as a domestic servant. Got himself a job and brought all his younger siblings to study in Male’. He had to get a second part time job and also traded goods from door to door to make ends meet. At one point he ran a small construction company. All his siblings became professionals in their own field. When he was a bit stable, he also renovated his parents house to make it more comfortable and livable for their parents and the already grown-up siblings. One completion of all this, he started his own family, and built a home for themselves.

When guest house licenses were issued to local islands, he was one of the first to jump on the opportunity. He joined two others to start-up their own guest house. They ran successfully until some dispute among partners pushed him to step aside empty handed. He was assisted by some friends to build a small place in the courtyard of his home. During this process he had to borrow money and manpower for construction work. Some of his relatives and the islanders started to talk badly of him because he owes people money. This is when we met and had our chat. He asked me, “What have I done wrong?, why don't I have money in my pocket from all this work while all my siblings are doing well”.

I told him that he is already a champion and a hero. He helped his siblings to become professionals and get themselves established. He helped his parents to live a graceful life with dignity. Look at all the happiness that he brought to the lives of other people. Look at the role he played in making his island become a successful tourist attraction. His own guest house shall be opened shortly and he will generate revenue from it, to settle all what is due, as well as an excess that will keep growing.

Not all the champions and heroes have trophies and medals to display in a glass shelf at home.

At times of confusion and being overwhelmed, look back at the path that you have taken. Make each achievement as a monumental milestone, that will tell us the direction that we came from and the directions we shall follow.

Wish you all a year filled with love and happiness in abundance.

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