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No Resolution for the New Year

If we are to cut open a human from 2000 years back and a human from today, we would see it is all the same inside. The advancements in our civilization has nothing to do with any physical changes inside us, but rather with our ability to build and develop on the existing knowledge that is transferred from generation to generation. Once a human has found a way to harness the wind and sail a boat, we all adapt that knowledge and start looking for ways to improve. Same goes to the wheel. When the wheel was invented, we all embraced and adapted that.

Someone somewhere must have gone through the struggles that most of us face in our daily life, and there must be clever skill and knowledge that they have used to overcome the challenges. If we are able to look it up, and learn from it, we would become more productive and our life would become more easy. The best thing is, unlike the humans who have lived before us, we have access to resources that give us access to information including libraries, archives and databases all across the globe.

Since most of the important discoveries are made by humans while struggling to survive, and when faced with uncertainty. There is no reason for any of us to lose hope, no matter how hard life has become. Think of the difficult periods in life as days of learning and getting an examination for you to graduate to the next chapter of your life. The period of struggle is preparing and providing you with tools required for the best days that are yet to come.

We all had a difficult year in 2020, and in a few days we will move to a brand new year. Traditionally, we love to make resolutions for the new year. Most of such resolutions are just the same write-ups again and again as we fail to follow them halfway through the year. While we may tend to blame it on factors beyond our control, we ourselves are the culprit.

Instead of making a list of resolutions with multiple targets, let's take things easy this new year. Learn to let go. Find like minded people, but people who will challenge and support you in your areas of interest. In a connected world, your network of friends and support network does not have to be confined to one neighborhood or country.

With persistence and showing up, you will eventually overcome the challenges and see yourself succeed.

Wish you all happy holidays and a wonderful year 2021.

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