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Creating a great legacy

We come to this world as delicate beings; relying on parents and care takers to support us grow up.

When we grow up, our general cycle of life is somewhat similar; that we adapt our own personality traits, get some education, find a way to make a living, gets married, have children and then we grow old & frail.

Somewhere along the line, death do take us apart, and this perhaps is the only confirmed thing in this life for each of us. Our beliefs and faith guide us to get prepared and be ready for the hereafter when death knocks on our door.

Some of us have been lucky enough to have a childhood where we get to live, roam and wander in our own world; while some have been forced to adapt to the responsibility adult life and its pain, prematurely.

As adults, we build our lives using the all the available resources, to the best of our ability, as how we see it should be. Society and peer pressure do impact us both positively and negatively. Those of us who are able to filter the noise and see the clarity and tends to get more successful over the others.

As humans, we do have an inherent mechanism of success and failure. At times of failures, jealousy and envy blinds us from time to time, and we forget and overlook the resources that we have with us to turn our life around towards success once again.

Like all of us, the most successful people that you know has gone through certain phases of ups and downs in their life. These people used the failures and the downtime to fix their mistakes and relaunch their career once again to achieve great results.

While techniques used by people vary, one similarity among the successful people is the continuous movement towards the goal. No matter how slow and how hard it is, even one tiny step at a time is a step closer to the goal and success.

I have met many, who have lost their job and struggled around to find employment, ending up building successful businesses themselves. These are the people who knew they can’t just give up. They knew they have to be strong, they got to keep moving and do the little they can.

Sometimes a good deal depends on how we want the people who survive us to remember us as.

So, go forth and create your legacy and be a person that your loved ones can be proud of. It is your own story, you will know how to write it well. Why not make it epic.

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