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The Dilemma of Monetizing Heartfelt Hospitality

Last few years, we saw tremendous growth in the hospitality sector. New concepts and trends, beautiful architecture and enhanced technologically; one better than the other.

With the robust growth, the tourism and hospitality dynamics has changed in the Maldives. Like other such destinations, we got modernized, more or so in line with the international trends and concepts. From private villas to butlers providing personalized services and service staff who can speak to guests in their mother tongue.

Despite the extra ordinary improvement in the service delivery, some very dedicated repeat guests point that we lost a great deal on the warmth of our hospitality. Most of such off-hand comments tend to divert towards having to pay to get things done. It is always argued that the change is seen and felt across the age-old very generous Maldivian island lifestyle.

Now, I wonder how we are to interpret this issue raised by our very loyal repeat guests. Those of us in the service industry rely on the rewards received for the efforts and the time spent on the delivery of the services. These rewards are crucial to have a roof over our head, to have food on the table and to raise a family etc.

The hardship that the people in the service industry go through becomes the invisible elephant in the room. Our teams are professionally trained to smile, be courteous and be hospitable; not necessarily because it makes us happy, but rather we make a living out of it. The know-how and education helped us to tap in to the vast service industry properly for economic benefits.

Having said this, with proper training and discipline, we learn to connect to our inner self and provide heartfelt hospitality. We develop and rely on the belief that selfless love will reward us in abundance.

With this acceptance, we reaffirm that our happiness is seeing our guests happy; be it a visitor, a colleague or a family member.

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