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Inclusive Society of Women and Men.

We just celebrated Women’s Day on March 8, 2018 and almost all the social media feeds were buzzing with activities that were related to the day. While some comments are very positive, there were people discussing on the issue of why a female should not be superior to the male.

It always amazes me when people discuss on the debate of male and female equality, their ability versus their disabilities.

Being almost singlehandedly raised by my Mom, who played both, the role of the breadwinner and homemaker, I have always looked up to females with due respect and admiration. I am so lucky to be married to the most amazing lady, with whom I have two wonderful daughters. In the company of these four women, I can only admire their grit, their strength and the unbending willpower to keep moving forward and the tenacity beneath their femininity. I can’t appreciate them enough for tolerating my manly stupidity and mindset. I’m shown that being a woman is not a trait that restrict their ability to get things done.

However, everyone will have a personal choice and opinion, which is most probably embedded in their mindset by the domestic environment at home and the society. The most dangerous of these attributes could be cultural and tribal practices of certain groups, influencing our society. Groups and people who advocate for such influences often fail to justify the practices, and tend to confuse such with religion, where the debate gets ceased.

Whereas some people in our society can successfully argue on the superiority of certain gender over the other, I would rather suggest us to proceed towards a narrative where we discuss on how best we could use our knowledge and wisdom. God created both sexes of our species so special, with certain physical aspects that are unique for each sex. God also powered us with a brain that has the ability to think and make rational judgment.

Instead of continuing the debate, lets work towards building an inclusive society where we don’t judge each other based on the sex, but rather with the competency, education and achievements.

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