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Let’s get supercharged for 2018

End of the year is always a good time to pause, wander in to your past, and reflect on how much you have had achieved on your life goals, dreams, and wishes. Some of your dreams and wishes may not have materialized, no matter how hard you have worked for your goals. What we don’t realize is how far we have come, from where we were, the year before, and how close we are to reap the rewards.

At times, we get blinded when trying to reflect on others around us. Envy makes us lose our focus and get carried away in the wrong direction. Be close with people who believe in you, encourage you and help you be more creative and extra ordinary. We all have some wonderful ability to be different and to be a better version.

Most of us are very familiar with football; life is like that. Sometimes to move forward, we must go back. Don’t worry if you must move back a little and start all over again, you will bounce back as a better person. Failure is a great platform to start back again. The struggles that you go through now is preparing you for your future, for all the beautiful things to come. It’s more like a rebirth.

The caterpillar in its cocoon was comfortable, and feels that the world is ending as the cocoon is shattered. But then, the struggle turns the caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly that soar freely.

At this time and age, almost all of us are carrying a smart mobile phone, with all sorts of games, puzzles and information to keep us engaged. These devices flood us with unlimited news and information. Now, our thought process needing to digest all this information, makes us feel restless and distracted.

As we proceed to reflect and come up with resolutions for 2018, it would be helpful if we write down what we envision. Now, understanding that most of our dreams and ideas very complex, we need to also envision how we go about achieving it. One could call it day dreaming, so what.

One of the easiest way to find clarity is to have a one page a day planner, where you will continue to write your programmes for the next day, today. At the end of the day, every day, no matter how tired you are, write down your programme for the next day. When you know your tasks and priorities, you would tend to be more focused and make use of your time.

There are few additional tasks that you may need to add to your day, if you are not doing it already.

  • Starting your day early with prayers and solitude, reflecting on your personal growth and wellbeing.

  • Exercise for about at least 20 minutes every day, eat healthy and stay hydrated. You got to take care of yourself first, before you can take care of others and your business.

  • Find a way to give back. Not everything is money, any sort of charitable act will be helpful. At least if you could smile at someone, making them smile back is a good start.

  • Spend time with your family and friends, laugh with them and share your love.

You deserve to live happy and be successful. When you believe in yourself, you are already halfway there. Always remember, persistence pays of at the end.

I wish you a very successful year of 2018.

Thoha Rasheed,

Hospitality Consultant & Coach

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