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The making of a Productive Person

Each country has its own super hero, who is credited with creating or saving the nation at one point in history. Well, we do have King Mohamed Thakurufaanu who saved the Maldives from Portuguese rule, some 450 years back. Well, my story is not really about the King, but rather about his deckhand, Dhandahelu. When Dhandahelu was recruited, he was just a mere boy, who had no parents and was in a very poor health. When the younger brother of the king asked him, why the poorly little boy was selected to be the deckhand, the king being a true leader, replied, “my dear brother Hassan, that kid will become someone, when we make him someone”. After being educated and trained on the skills needed, he

Refine Your Productivity

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the saying, that ‘no one will see how much you rowed your boat, but rather the fish that you caught'. The whole point of the argument here is about the end result and productivity. Productivity is a subject almost everyone has something to say about. Like most people, I tend to believe that I have to work hard to achieve great results. Boy, was I right! I worked a bit harder and a little longer, I am proud to say now, that the extra hard work and the endless overtimes has resulted to my successful career in the hotel industry. But then again, is there a better way to be successful? What can we do to achieve a competitive edge; that little extra lead ove

Inclusive Society of Women and Men.

We just celebrated Women’s Day on March 8, 2018 and almost all the social media feeds were buzzing with activities that were related to the day. While some comments are very positive, there were people discussing on the issue of why a female should not be superior to the male. It always amazes me when people discuss on the debate of male and female equality, their ability versus their disabilities. Being almost singlehandedly raised by my Mom, who played both, the role of the breadwinner and homemaker, I have always looked up to females with due respect and admiration. I am so lucky to be married to the most amazing lady, with whom I have two wonderful daughters. In the company of these four

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